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Attention NYC Drivers!
Reduce or Eliminate Your Parking Fine!

Returning to your vehicle to discover yet another parking ticket can really ruin your day! The parking fine is probably NOT part of your monthly budget, so like most people you find yourself struggling to come up with extra money for the fine. Parking fines can be outrageous, anywhere from $45 to $165!

In a busy city like New York, parking spaces are not only scarce, but also expensive. Should you go ahead and buy an expensive parking space or risk getting a parking ticket? You're faced with this dilemma each time you park.

Perhaps you need to visit a business office, but free or affordable parking isn’t available. You visit someone who lives in an apartment where the area is congested, but find no nearby parking! So, you park wherever you can and hope for the best.

We Don't Just Feel Your Pain...


Helped by Ezticketsweb, regular folks just like you have been able to reduce or totally eliminate their parking fines through a completely legal process


Cities today are issuing parking tickets at an alarming rate, forcing drivers to choose between the high cost of parking permits and inflated parking fines
- this is a no win situation for a car owner

Overwhelmed by your unpaid parking tickets?

Call now (1-877-EZ-TKETS) and speak to our friendly staff who will help you to step-by-step dismiss or reduce your parking tickets. Alternatively click the big "Launch" button below and just fill the form!

friendly Customer Service always on Your Side! Call:1-877-EZ-TKETS You’ll be glad you did!

A customer service representative will take all the necessary information from you and begin the process of writing and mailing a personalized "not guilty" appeal letter based on unique ticket details!

Take immediate actions NOW before it's to late! The penalties for late payment rapidly build, including having your car towed away and charges for storing it!

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services we offer!

“not guilty” appeal letters!

"Not Guilty" Appeal Letters!

Is an ugly NYC
parking ticket staring at you from your windshield?
Has your car been towed away? -

EZ-Tickets can make those dreaded expenses disappear.
We offer an electrify-
ing new service to
help you get rid of parking tickets!

parking permits!

parking permits!

One of the worst aspects of a parking ticket is the expense is sudden and unexpected - and it's not cheap!

Our appeal letter gives you time to get your finances sorted and prepared. Save yourself literally hundreds of dollars by avoiding the "build up" of further penalties

other letters!

other letters!

Is there anybody disabled in your family?
Are you an executive in a corporation?
Are you renovating your home?
Are you a student at
a university?

If you answered “yes”
to any of the above questions, then there
SERVICE that we

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What's Our Formula For Success? Day after day, we...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Exclusively Ours and Irresistibly Priced! Here’s The SOLUTION You’ve Been Looking For!

YES...Now You TOO CAN receive clear instructions such as: proven tips, tools, and tactics, and best of all a CUSTOMISED “NOT GUILTY” Appeal Letter to get your parking ticket Reduced or Dismissed–
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PLUS... as a further convenience,...
we mail it to the City for YOU!

Thus…Only at EZ-Tickets Can You Get SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE!

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Here are some of our other services:

   Your Parking Ticket  is a Ticking Time Bomb!

Free ARTICLE... Some very useful information – but get started with your appeal first!

Here are some basic rules to follow to help avoid the wrath of the cops and meter maids. But do you have time to read? Remember, if you can't afford to pay your ticket quickly, they charge you more! more

Relief From Parking Pain!

It is said that there are four times as many cars as there are parking spaces, that each issuing agent writes 45 tickets a day, that 13 million tickets are written every year, and that payment of tickets generates $ 25 million monthly for the city. Some call New York City one big Tow-Away Zone. And of this, over 3 million parking tickets issued in NYC every year are incorrect. Now, isn't this an outrageous fact? If there's something NYC dwellers almost universally hate, it's parking tickets.

If you've ever parked on the streets of New York City, you've probably gotten at least one parking ticket. And, if you're like the average motorist, you probably paid it. May be, you shouldn't have.

Good news for you at last! Say good bye forever to sleepless nights and strenuous days working out plans to fight unwarranted parking tickets.

Heads Up!

When you pay a parking ticket without dispute, you are "pleading guilty" to an offense you may not have committed. If you plead guilty and pay your fine without questioning the ticket, no one will review the summons for defects. Many drivers can't be bothered with contesting a ticket and admit the violation, sending in the payment. And the city makes out like a bandit!

A customized parking ticket dismissal request letter is a "not guilty" plea, which can save you time and money. When you avail our service you are hiring absolute professionals who ensure that justice is not denied or delayed and that you are not taken on a ride by the overzealous parking attendants.

Not only is our service effective and focused in fighting parking tickets, but is also very easy on your pockets. And, of course, the IRRESISTIBLE PRICE that everybody is raving about! Imagine being able to get your parking ticket dismissed or even reduced --- at a cool, cool price, now only for $14.95! The cost of Dismissal Request Letter could save you hundreds of dollars.

Click here to see how much can you save and benefit by paying just $14.95 for parking ticket dismissal letter!? It's a MUST-SEE! This makes our service not only necessary, and useful but also affordable in fighting parking tickets!

Protect Yourself and Act Now!

We will compose a legal document called a "dismissal request letter" that explains your parking situation and requests either a reduction in the fine or dismissal. Every parking situation is unique, so the dismissal request letter is customized to fit your particular needs.

Whether you were charged wrongly, encountered a broken meter or just want to humbly ask for a reduction in the dollar amount, your dismissal request letter will cover all the bases personally. It’s like having your own lawyer to defend your case without actually hiring one!

You’ll learn step-by-step how the process works so you don't have to do the research. You will learn tips for getting your ticket reduced and avoiding parking tickets altogether.

You sit back and wait for a reply. Depending on your situation, you may or may not need to send another letter.

The truth is, due to the large number of parking tickets in the city's system, our benefits-oriented service not only gives you the opportunity to get your ticket reduced or dismissed, at worst, it will buy you invaluable time to handle the sudden expense.

At only a tiny fraction of the “price” of your ticket, it’s easily affordable for the tightest budget and could literally save you hundreds of dollars, or more, such as avoiding having your car towed away! Most of our clients admit they could not afford to NOT to use our service! After your first experience with our company, your only regret will be that you didn't find us sooner.

Act Now! To get started is very easy – and we do the rest! Just click the big button below and fill in the details written on your ticket, make the small payment then sit back and relax, knowing that our dedicated team is already on the case and on your side!

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