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EZ-Tickets service overview!

Attention! New York City Drivers: Reduce Or Totally Eliminate Your Parking Fines!

Returning to your vehicle to discover yet another parking ticket not only ruins your day, but directly affects your wallet. The parking fine is probably not part of your monthly budget, so you find yourself struggling to come up with extra money for the fine. Parking fines can be outrageous, anywhere from $45 to $165!

In a busy city like New York, parking spaces are not only scarce, but also expensive. Should you go ahead and buy an expensive parking space or risk getting a parking ticket? You're faced with this dilemma each time you park.

Perhaps you need to visit a business office, but free or affordable parking is not available. You plan to visit someone who lives in an apartment where the area is congested, but find no nearby parking! So, you park wherever you can and hope for the best.

That's why EZ-Tickets was developed. We understand how frustrating parking tickets can be. For years, regular folks just like you have been able to reduce or totally eliminate their parking fines through a completely legal process.

Services That Will Save You Time And Money! EZ-Tickets make it easier than ever for you to say goodbye to those outrageous parking fines!

We do all the work for you!

EZ-Tickets doesn't just give you information about "HOW AND WHERE " to appeal for a reduction or elimi- nation of your parking fines, we do the legwork for you.

Here's How It Works...

You discover one of those annoying parking tickets on your vehicle. You call or email us for a quick con- sultation. If we feel that your parking ticket can be reduced or dismissed, we will immediately start working on your behalf!

Quick And Easy!

The process of getting a parking ticket reduced is quick and easy, normally within only 24 hours! So, no need to spend days researching to learn how to write a dismissal request letter and where to send it, etc. EZ-Tickets already has the know-how to get the job done, and do it right the first time.

The price is very affordable, only a tiny fraction of what a parking ticket would cost, even a reduced one!

More Than Parking Tickets!

EZ-Tickets offer other great services as well. If you need a parking permit, we can help. When you need other legal letters for business, personal or legal matters, we'll be there to help. Don't pay those high attorney fees when a simple letter will do.

Speak with an EZ Ticket representative first to find out how much money you can save with our services!

Helping you save money is why we're here. Find relief for your expensive parking fine today. Or, take advantage of our other helpful services. If you are being plagued with those dreaded parking tickets, you can't afford to miss this amazing dollar-saving opportunity!

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