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Parking Permits for The Disabled!

The government permits disabled people to park their vehicles with certain legal terms and conditions.

You have to get a disabled parking permit for this.

EZ-Tickets helps you get parking permits. You only need to send us your details as well as the relevant documents regarding your disability. The good thing is that you don’t need to worry about the expiration date. You will get a notice for renewal of your parking permit card.

You need to make sure that only the person who is disabled parks his or her car using the permit card. A family member or friend of the disabled CANNOT use the card for parking the vehicle. They will be fined for misuse.

Call us for a step-by-step guide to getting a parking permit.

Parking Permits for Residents!

Renovating a home is a tough job. As if you’re not working hard enough, there are parking issues that can come up. We help you ease your burden by assisting you in getting resident parking permits so that a supply van or contractor’s truck can be parked on the street without any hassles.

So, the next time you are refurbishing your home, simply call us (link) and leave the parking matter entirely to us. You focus on your home improvements without any worry of the van being towed away or stuck with a parking ticket.

Parking Permits for University Students!

Certain cities issue parking permits to university students to park their cars on or near the campus. To know more about FREE PARKING PERMITS, call us for our friendly and expert assistance.

Parking Permits for the Business Class!

You are a top executive of a company who wants to flaunt that brand new car you just bought. Great! However, you do not wish your brand new car to be towed away by the parking officials on the very
first day. EZ-Tickets will help you flaunt that new car without any worry. We will help you get a
business-parking permit that will allow you to park your car at certain places for fixed periods of time. Simply call us and let us know when you want your permit. We make wishes come true. We bring happiness to motorists everywhere. This is the motto of our service. If you are satisfied, we are happy.