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Harder to Park But Tickets Still EZ

High oil prices, global warming, job losses; none of these things make much difference to New York traffic. If anything traffic has increased and parking restrictions have got tighter, making it harder than ever to find easy or affordable parking in the Big Apple.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is how easy it can be to deal with the inevitable parking tickets that rain down on parked cars like a winter snowstorm, even in August. You just have to know the right people, one man in particular.

That man is Gennady Mikhaylov, now the CEO of J&J Twins Corporation which is a large and diverse company providing business telecommunications and other services. The company that sparked the corporation into life was, a sorely-needed appeals letter-writing service that has saved thousands of dollars for many clients slapped with a parking ticket. By closely examining the ticket and the situation, then applying a lot of know-how and experience, the majority of tickets issued can be either dismissed entirely or the fine drastically reduced. It’s a service many New Yorkers have come to rely on, though they can’t protect you from blatant poor placing of a parked vehicle in a dangerous location.

The curious thing is that Mikhaylov still looks at every ticket personally. We interviewed him to find out why:

Us: You run a large corporation, always on the go, making deals, exploring new avenues and so on yet you devote an hour a day to looking at parking tickets? Your company only charges $15 as a fixed-fee service per ticket, so don’t you have more important things to do?

Mikhaylov: I’ve known people suffer from a cascade of problems stemming from a sudden and unexpected demand for a $75 ticket, even having their house at risk as bank charges and other penalties rapidly pile up. It can really mess up your day and to the person getting the ticket it can be very important indeed. Dealing with it promptly and correctly is also very important.

Us: Yes but do you need to take such an interest in each low-ticket purchase, if you’ll pardon the expression?

Mikhaylov: As I say, it’s important to our clients and so it’s important to me. Everything that is J&J Twins today stemmed from the runaway success of EZtickets. In terms of size and finances the division is dwarfed by other things we do but I still consider it our core business model.

Us: I can understand as a model, the personal attention and so on, but why you personally?

Mikhaylov: Well I don’t actually work with each ticket myself, I just check it before sending it to the department that deals with them, however I still take an interest in this side of the business because I’m still a New Yorker, I’m still a driver and parking in this city, especially the ticket situation, is still a nightmare.

Us: So you still feel strongly about the issue?

Mikhaylov: Absolutely, that’s right. People are getting ripped off and don’t realize it. Most people don’t understand that by paying a ticket they are pleading guilty to an offense. The ticket is just notification that you’re being charged; it is not judge, jury and executioner. You have every right to plead not guilty and examine the charge for defects and a defense, like any other charge. The fines are very high, soon climbing to losing your car for example but people assume, rightly, that it’s not worth hiring a lawyer. You don’t need a lawyer to plead not guilty though, just knowledge of how to do it correctly and the best wording compared to the situation. That’s the role we fill.

Us: Considering the success, have you thought about raising the price, perhaps a percentage of the ticket fine?

Mikhaylov: Well that’s my point, it’s not a fine unless you’re found guilty! No, the fixed price service doesn’t change so why should the price? That would just be a milder version of ripping people off!

Us: Perhaps I didn’t word it well. So are there any changes planned for Ezticketsweb in the future?

Mikhaylov: We are revamping the website, making it more user-friendly and giving it the professional image it deserves but the service itself remains exactly as before. With all the other stuff we could easily drop the service but as long as people are being ripped off unfairly, and many tickets are unfair, Ezticketsweb will still be there.

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