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So let’s begin…

Do you know that you could end up shelling out more than $820 for a neglected parking ticket? Shocked? It’s true. Here’s how the dollars pile up when you don’t take immediate action in resolving your parking ticket issue:

Let’s assume, you‘ve got a parking ticket for “double parking” which is for $115, but let’s suppose…you could not respond or pay it on time. As you probably remember, you are required to respond to a parking ticket within 30 days of the date the ticket was issued, or else, penalties start adding up to the original fine amount! Remember, its $10--the first month, $20 for the second and $30 for the third, after what it goes into judgment. So, let’s take a look:

If the ticket is not paid, for example 3 months, it adds up to this:

Now get this:

If your car does get towed and you’ll want to get it back , then on top of what you owe in parking tickets...for example, $230 [minimum amount in judgment!] you would have to pay--here’s the scary part:

What this all boils down to is?the HEFTY AMOUNT OF $820!

You know what's even worse?  These "prices", like everything now, just get higher and higher! That $230 is now $350! Sound at all familiar? Needless to say,…this is a waking nightmare. The fat amount of $820 (now $940!!) will burn a hole in your pocket, and that’s not all. It will leave you feeling frustrated, tricked and weary. Imagine forking out $940 for not sorting out a couple of tickets quickly enough? It’s outrageous! Add to this all the stress and shooting blood pressure. Bottom line, you just paid out nearly $1,000 -- for parking! 

Here?s the Deal!