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  1. How Can I Get A Parking Ticket Dismissed or Reduced?
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  4. What Is a Parking Permit?
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01. How Can I Get A Parking Ticket Dismissed or Reduced?

If you double park, overlook parking signs, or block an intersection, fire hydrant or bus stop, you are almost certainly going to get a parking ticket.

More than 3 million parking tickets issued every year in NYC are found to be incorrect. Recently, one city traffic agent was charged with issuing a slew of fake parking tickets. She was accused of issuing 27 tickets within three hours while sitting comfortably in her car parked in a handicapped spot, miles away. How shocking!

Do you still want to just give up and pay that parking ticket?

One of the premier services, called EZ-Tickets, has gone in-depth in the matter and is aware of the fraud prevalent among traffic officials. Hence, they are committed to saving people from falling prey to such “money-hunters”.

EZ-Tickets provide 12 proven ways to dismiss your parking tickets.

12 Proven Ways to Dismiss Parking Tickets!

Examine your parking ticket carefully. If any one of the following details are missing or incorrect on your ticket, your parking ticket can be dismissed.